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Party Branch Introduction

The Party branch of Shaoxing Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2004. The Party branch of the company has 18 registered party members and 8 external party members, with 13 middle-level and above cadres, and the rest are backbone experts in production, marketing, technology and other posts.

Since its establishment, the Party branch of the company has been focusing on "cultivating talents into Party members and Party members into talents", focusing on talents introduction and young cadres’ training, so as to promote the optimization of enterprise management, scientific and technological innovation, market development and benefit growth, forming a good development trend of prosperous production and marketing.

All Party members give full play to their vanguard and exemplary role in their respective posts, establish a good positive image in the staff team, promote the smooth development of the company's work, and have been affirmed by the higher Party organization.

SEPE's Organization Structure

Party Branch Secretary Yong Xue
  • Incorrupt government member Mingli Zhou
  • Party Work Contact Chuanen Wu
  • Labour Union
  • Youth League
  • Women's Federation
  • Committee on Care for Children